The Bio-diverse Project logo with the words "Bio-Diverse Festival" at the top and "14-16 October 2021" written at the bottom in orange.

Use the links below to register to attend or submit an abstract for a talk at the Bio-Diverse Festival 2021. Please read our Code of Conduct and Guidelines before submitting your form.

The pre-recorded talks are an opportunity for underrepresented and minority scientists and conservationists to communicate and present their research and work to an international audience. These talks will be recorded and submitted by presenters in advance and scheduled to be released during the festival (14-16th October 2021).

There are three thematic sessions: Evolution & Genetics, Ecology & Biodiversity, and Conservation & Climate. If you want to submit a 10-minute pre-recorded talk, please submit your abstract by the 1st October. This year, we can accept talks in English, Spanish, German, Bengali, or Hindi.

. Registration for attendance will remain open until the festival. You must register to get full access to the events.

Everyone is encouraged to attend the festival, whatever career stage or identity. However, talk applications are specifically open to those from underrepresented groups in science (see guidelines below).

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