#BioDiverse20 Talks

Welcome to the Bio-Diverse Festival with Dr. Jane Goodall

Biocontrol of Pathogenic Kiwifruit Bacteria
Javier Martinez-Perez
PhD student, John Innes Centre​​

Insulin Stimulation Alters OPA-1 Dependent MERCs in Human and Murine Skeletal Muscle Cells
Han Le
Undergraduate, Nebraska Wesleyan University

New Approaches Towards Venomous Snakes Conservation in Ecuador
Maria Elena Barragan
Executive Director, Fundacion Herpetologica Gustavo Orces

Mexico City’s Wildlife: Coexisting Through Photography and Education
Tamara Blazquez Haik
Conservation Photographer and Environmental Educator

The Semantics of Equality: Discussing the Meaning of the Word Equality
Dee Lawlor
STEM Communicator

mGFPwt: A Bright Novel Derivative of Aequorea victoria Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP) for the Cellular Tracking of Transformed Bacteria
Katarina Piponi
Zoology MSci Student, University of Nottingham

Droning on About Bird Management: The Opportunities and Challenges of Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Bird Management
Dr Melanie Jane Edgar
Wildlife Biologist, SASA (Science and Advice for Scottish Agriculture

​The Genetic Basis of Wing and Genital Scents in Heliconius Butterflies
Dr Kelsey Byers
Group Leader, John Innes Centre

Effect of Soil Type Species Seasonal Composition and Abundance: Implications for Plague Transmission
Annabel Banda
Lecturer, Gwanda State University 

Using Twitter as a Social Engagement Tool to Raise Awareness About Biodiversity
Shahieda Davids
Science Writer, South African National Biodiversity Institute

The Impacts of Tropical Selective Logging on Demographic Processes that Underpin Biodiversity Change
Cindy Cosset
Phd Candidate, University of Sheffield

A Little Patch of Prairie – A Story of Landowner Driven Conservation, Restoration, and Education in a Global Pandemic
Katie Suek
Co-owner, Restoring 71 Project

Tree Community Recovery in a Logged Malaysian Rain Forest
Robin Hayward
PhD Student, University of Stirling

​Marine Research in Mozambique
Francesca Trotman
Founder and Managing Director, Love the Oceans

The Effect of Environmental Change on Diversity of Parasitoid-Host Gall Wasp Communities Along the Biogeographical Range of Oregon White Oak, Quercus garryana.
Rachel Chen
Graduate Student, Binghamton University

Deconstructing Presentations
Danielle Hennis
Science Communicator, Make it Memorable

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