#BioDiverse20 Panel Discussions

Anti-racism in Biology and Conservation Panel Discussion

Biologists and conservationists from around the world talked about their experiences of colonialism, racism and anti-racism within their fields, the effect that this has had on themselves and their careers, and solutions to barriers they faced.

This discussion was chaired by Reuben Fakoya-Brooks (Zoologist and Chair of the British Ecological Society BAME Network), and the panel included Shay-Akil McLean (PhD Student in Evolutionary Biology at the University of Illinois), Celina Chien (Conservation Photojournalist and Master’s Student at Imperial College London), Dr. Craig Poku (Postdoctoral Researcher in Climate Science, University of Leeds), Kai Hoshijo (Master’s Student at the University of Hawaii and former Emerging Indigenous Leaders Fellow at Conservation International), and Milka Chepkorir (Master’s Student at the University of Nairobi and Indigenous Land Rights Activist).

This panel discussion was sponsored by The Woodland Trust (woodlandtrust.org.uk).

Disability in Biology and STEM Panel Discussion

Biology and STEM researchers from the US and the UK discussed their experiences of disability, ableism, and accessibility. They shared advice and experiences of navigating fieldwork and lab work and answer questions on self advocacy and creating accessible spaces in biology and STEM.

This discussion was chaired by Linda Corcoran (Master’s Student in Food Science, University College Cork and Teagasc Ashtown), and the panel included Olivia Bernard (Freelance Science Writer, New England), Dr. Kelsey Byers (Group Leader at John Innes Centre, Norwich), Brianna Green (Master’s Student in Biogeochemisty, University of Tenessee), Hayley Branch (PhD Candidate in Botany, University of British Columbia), and Professor Duncan Cameron (Co-Director, Institute for Sustainable Food, University of Sheffield).

This panel discussion is in partnership with Disabled in Higher Education (find them on Twitter here).

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