Bio-Diverse Festival 2020 Archives

The Bio-Diverse Festival 2020 was co-organised by Tanith Hackney, Evie Croxford, Rebecca Ford, and Jasmine Trinder, with invaluable support from Jordan Gledhill and Jodie Stroud from One Planet Conservation Awareness, Hannah Fryer, Conservation Optimism, and Flourishing Diversity, with sponsorship from the British Ecological Society and the Woodland Trust.

Find many of the talks and discussions from the Bio-Diverse Festival 2020 here.

Panel Discussions

Anti-racism in Conservation Panel Discussion

Biologists and conservationists from around the world talk about their experiences of colonialism, racism and anti-racism within their fields, the effect that this has had on themselves and their careers, and solutions to barriers they faced.

Disability in Biology and STEM Panel Discussion

Biology and STEM researchers from the US and the UK discuss their experiences of disability, ableism, and accessibility. They share advice and experiences of navigating fieldwork and lab work and answer your questions on self advocacy and creating accessible spaces in biology and STEM.

Keynote Talks

Live-streamed talks and Q&As with inspiring researchers working in biology, conservation, and climate science from around the world.

Pre-recorded Talks

The Pre-recorded talks are short presentations on the work and research from people working in biology and conservation from around the world.

Day in the Life Videos

The Day in the Life videos are short vlogs or videos about charities, individuals, and organisations run by minority or underrepresented groups to raise awareness and money for their important work. The Day in the Life videos give an insight into working in conservation or biology, and what a typical day might be like on the job.

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